Cascada diptych, 2000


Medium: Works on paper, watercolor, pastel, gouache, charcoal, and graphite on paper
Size: Notes: 30" x 22" (each panel)
Price: Very reasonable, price upon request
Movement: Contemporary Art, Latin American Art



This is a stunning diptych from the Cuban Master, Baruj Salinas. Salinas is quoted as saying: "Because of my connection and collaboration with poets and writers such as María Zambrano, José Angel Valente, Pere Gimferrer, and Michel Butor, I developed a concept of the language of the clouds. This consisted basically of a grey background with white as the main color of my palette–the white symbolizing clouds. I also used pictograms, ideograms, and strange alphabets like the Greek alphabet, the Hebrew alphabet, and the Iberian alphabet".
On another occasion Salinas was quoted as follows: "To me, painting is not work. It is something that transcends labor. I love to be in my studio painting because I forget about everything else. I’m so concentrated on it that it is like a meditation. I concentrate on what I’m doing and I enjoy it while I’m doing it. I enjoy seeing a wide space being developed into something that has life. It’s always been the most important thing in my life. And architecture was never so.”
Pricing- reasonable - please contact gallery.